How to write daily entries in a simple handwritten diary

I write a free-form diary in copybook. This document describes a simple notation dedicated to make it a little more structured. It involves certain equipment, that is not that hard to find though. You need:

Date in the top-left corner, YYYY-MM-DD

Day of the week in the top right corner

Time of writing of each sub-entry at the left margin

Write a todo-list for the day

Circle important items with RED

Circle simple items with GREEN

Write your daily records after the todo-list

Never cross out incorrect text, always erase it

When an item is done, cross it out

When an item is “done for the day”, circle it with blue

When a item is “done for now”, circle it with the primary pencil (do that as many times as there are iterations)

Circle “easy” items with green

Black colour in the pen is unused; it can be utilised e.g. for the records other people may make in your diary (say, contacts)

I make the todo-list numbered, and try to keep high-priority items at the top, but this is hard to enforce