Reading “SSH Mastery” by Michael Lucas.

This file is written while I was reading “SSH Mastery” by Michael W. Lucas.

1 Questions

1.1 What is ECDSA? Is is an improved version of DSA? Why not just RSA?

1.2 What is ED25519? Is it any better than RSA?

1.3 How can I check if my computer was visited by “Hail Mary Cloud”?

1.4 How does a passphrase actually protect the ssh key? Other encryption layer?

1.5 What does xauth(1) do?

1.6 Let me have an X-server running on localhost:10.0 ; what do 10 and 0 mean?

1.7 xscreensaver or xlockmore? How does xfce4-screensaver choose one?

1.8 What is DSA? How does it work?

1.9 What is sha2?

1.10 What is nistp256?

1.11 How does X.509 system work?

2 Words

2.1 aggravating

2.2 decoy

2.3 piggyback

2.4 tinpot despot