How to create papers (checklist template).

1. General

1.2. Write text

1.19. Check that quotation marks meet the language standard

  • #+latex_header: \usepackage{polyglossia}
  • org-export-smart-quotes-alist
  • \lstset{upquote=true}

1.20. Check that all objects are right-left aligned

  • #+ATTR_LATEX: :width 245pt :float nil

1.22. Check that your Figures have captions, titles, axes are marked, units are marked

  • #+caption: Minutes spent per problem
  • #+PLOT: title:“Minutes spent problem” ind:1 deps:(5) Type:2d with:lines "filename.png“ set:”xlabel ’Problem #’“ set:”ylabel ’Minutes spent’"

1.23. Check that your tables fit

  • #+latex_header: \usepackage{supertabular}
  • #+ATTR_LATEX: :center :environment supertabular :align l|p{3.5cm}|p{1cm}|p{0.9cm}|p{0.9cm}

1.35. Check that your bibliography is Capitalized Correctly

  • {{Paper Name}} no “Paper Name”

1.36. Correct quotation marks in code listings

(setq org-latex-listings-options
 '(("numbers" "none")
   ("frame" "single")
   ("basicstyle" "\\footnotesize\\ttfamily ")
   ("keywordstyle" "\\ttfamily")
   ("upquote" "true")
   ("extendedchars" "true")))
(setf (alist-get "hx" org-export-smart-quotes-alist nil nil #'equal)
   '((primary-opening :utf-8 "”" :html "”" :latex "\"" :texinfo "’’")
     (primary-closing :utf-8 "”" :html "”" :latex "\"" :texinfo "’’")
     (secondary-opening :utf-8 "’" :html "’" :latex "\'" :texinfo "`")
     (secondary-closing :utf-8 "’" :html "’" :latex "\'" :texinfo "'")
     (apostrophe :utf-8 "’" :html "’")))
  • #+language: hx

1.44. Check for wonderful boxen in the bibliography

  • #+latex_header: \defcounter{biburlnumpenalty}{1}
#+latex_header: \DeclareBibliographyCategory{badbreaks}
#+latex_header: %\addtocategory{badbreaks}{sicsc,software_plantuml}
#+latex_header: %\AtEveryCitekey{%
#+latex_header: %  \ifcategory{badbreaks}
#+latex_header: %    {\defcounter{biburlnumpenalty}{9}}
#+latex_header: %    {}}

1.45. Check for large empty vertical spaces in the main text

  • #+latex_header: \usepackage{float}
  • [htbp] / [H]

1.46. Check hyphenation

  • Hyphenation rules #+latex_header: \setdefaultlanguage[variant=british]{english}
  • Manual hyphen #+latex: \def\hyph{-\penalty0\hskip0pt\relax}
  • Bibliography pages 2-hypen “–” (M-s o pages RET)
  • Dates 3-hyphen “—”

1.52. Submit

2. Summary

This should be allowing you to make your paper into a publishable piece in under 1 month

2.1. Compilation process

  • Print your paper.
  • Take a 4-colour pen.
  • Read through, marking every issue with a red circle.
  • Go through the code, fixing bugs, and mark every fixed bug with a blue check-mark.
  • Go through the paper again, marking a problem that had been fixed previously and reappeared with green.
  • When your paper is not readable any more, print a new one, and transfer green circles into the new one, but using a red pen.

It should be possible to fix the paper using 4-5 prints. (~20$)

3. Counter

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