Unsystematic measurements of daily life.

1. Abstract

This file is to record certain random observations that I would like to later return to.

2. Medicine

2.1. Cut finger healing

On <2020-10-29 Thu 19:56> I cut my finger at home, in the kitchen, while cooking. Since I am a curious person, and since it is just interesting to study oneself, I have decided to record how much it would take for a finger to heal.

I immediately stuck a bandage on a cut, hoping to prevent the loss of "meat". I did not use any disinfectant, because the conditions were relatively clean, and I suspected that using a disinfectant on a wound would slow down the healing process. (I do not know whether this is correct, but I did not have any inflammation, so I suspect I was at least not completely wrong.)

It took roughly 11 days until the flap of "meat" grew back onto the rest of the finger. It did not really look like the flap was growing back into the main body of the finger, for all 11 days. Then, suddenly, the skin from on top of the flap has fallen away after ossifying. And during just a single day the flap seemingly completely amalgamated with the rest of the meat.

I will try to not forget to write down when exactly the area becomes completely as before, and all the traces of the cut disappear.

<2020-11-20 Fri 12:13> The reddish spot is still visible, but not painful any more.

3. Weather

3.1. Autumn coming to Shanghai 2020.

<2020-11-07 Sat> In 2020, in Shanghai, autumn stated to get really felt into the air at the 7th of November. This was the first day when it really felt required to wear a warm/winter coat.

<2020-11-20 Fri> Second time had to wear a warm coat. A very warm autumn.

3.2. Spring coming to Shanghai 2021.

<2021-03-03 Wed> We are still wearing warm clothes. Shame I didn't write down the first time light clothing was enough. A couple of weeks ago.

<2021-03-17 Wed> I think the winter coat will not be needed for this year any more.

That makes it 4 months of cold weather.

3.3. Autumn coming to Wuhan 2021.

<2021-11-22 Mon> I think cold weather came to stay. It is 7° now.

4. Tea

4.1. 正山小种

A nice black tea with an almost metallic taste that I really like.

I ordered it in a tea house near my home in Wuhan.

The first portion smells a bit like honey.

The rest are weaker, but very refreshing.

4.2. 兰贵人

A really nice tea from Hainan.