Various thoughts on articles read unsystematically.

Sometimes I read articles and I need to put my thoughts somewhere. Why not here?

1 Spencer Greenberg on intrinsic vs. instrumental values, overconfidence, and how to actually update beliefs.

1.1 Speakers

Host: Robert Wiblin Guest: Spencer Greenberg

PhD in Applied Mathematics, develops software for mental well-being, founder of ClearerThinking and EffectiveAltruism.

1.2 UpLift – the actual Eliza!

A robot for psychological counselling.

1.5 Creating happiness habits

That is what my psychologist was telling me about.

1.6 Temptation bundling.

That is when you associate something bad with something good. Spencer is doing workouts while watching TV shows.

1.7 Happiness tricks.

Associate certain things with happy thoughts.

"Tea exists in the world, it's such a wonderful thing!"

1.8 Intrinsic values.

Are something we value for themselves. This is opposed to instrumental values, which are mostly valuable for the effect they make.

1.9 Testing people's understanding is a cool trick.

Like that job offer by Biden's administration, that they have put on the White House website.

1.10 Groups of values: self, community, everyone.

That is almost like UNIX security: oga.

1.11 Everyone has at least one universal intrinsic value.

That helps people work together even if they do not know each other.

1.13 Value traps.

Pursue the value without actually getting an intrinsic value out of it. Particular case: you associate something with an intrinsic value because it used to be associated. Particular case: you had a false belief that it was your value. Example: not having enough money reduced your autonomy, and you keep searching for money since.

1.14 Learning may be a wrong thing to do!

When you are learning bullshit.

1.16 Intuition pump

Diminishing returns on scaling own's emotions for larger scale. One person suffers: bad, ten people suffer: worse, million people suffer: ah, so bad, but you cannot scale your emotion.

1.17 Goal factoring

Algorithm: questioning the goal "why do I want it?".

Because A, B, C.

Is there another plan that brings you A, B, C?

This is what makes you find those A, B, C, that are leaves in your value system.

1.19 Operant conditioning – education through reward and punishment.

It may mislead you from your true intrinsic values.

1.21 Another example of double-think happens when your social circle in large numbers believes in a certain value system.

This often makes you reinterpret your intrinsic values in terms of those of your circle. And this is often weird.

2 77 skills of excellent time managers.

3 Sasha Galitsky Don't cry, mama.

<2021-03-22 Mon>

It's a bit hard of a book, although it does leave a bit of hope.

What I remember on the next day?

It's a very short book, actually. You can read it in an hour or two.

What is promising is that if you want to keep being young, you can do that for quite a long time.

Apart from that, most of the ideas I have already seen.

Maybe one of the thoughts that I should still keep in mind is that life is still as cruel as before.