Review on the “Mountains of Madness” by H.P. Lovecraft.

1. The Abstract

2. The Review

2.1. The Plot

2.1.1. “Mountains of Madness” is telling a story about an imaginary expedition to the heart of the Antarctic continent.

2.1.19. The rest of the story consists of them returning back to their ship, and agreeing to withhold the details of the expedition from the authorities.

2.2. The Style

2.2.3. As mentioned before, in 2.1.2, Lovecraft tried to do his best in researching the background for the book.

2.2.8. It’s self-evident that in the age of aeroplanes, oil wells, chemical weapons, and radio, an author cannot really avoid the necessity to introduce alien (supernatural) elements into the story to provide the same level of challenge as the one observed in the classical exploration novels.

2.3. The Postmodernism

This section title is, perhaps, a misnomer, as intertextuality had existed before postmodernism arose.

2.4. The Afterword

The book, even though being easy to read, made me reflect a bit on myself and life.

It made me remember childhood, my academic dreams, and the texts that gave me inspiration while at school.

Poor Older Ones, Poor Ctulhu, and poor people who are left with a world which has no places left to run away to.