CV and articles of Vladimir Nikishkin.

1. Warning: This site is under development.

This means that the links have not stabilised, and many features do not yet work.

2. About

This is a homepage of Vladimir Nikishkin (login name “lockywolf”). For book reviews and various notes that are not guaranteed to be finished, refer to the “Notes” entry in the menu. For semi-formal “Howtos” (not necessarily computer-related, but primarily so), refer to the “Howtos”.

The Blog (also linked at the top of the page) is probably a more reliable way to read my posts, chronologically. However, this site is also valuable as a backup, and for hosting drafts.

3. Contact

My Internet presence is mainly the following:

  1. Email: my login name at GMail.
  2. arXiv:
  3. Gitlab:
  4. Telegram: – for information peculiar, but not worth of persistence.
  5. LinkedIn:
  6. Facebook: vladimir.nikishkin

4. Topics

I am interested in cooperating (or chatting) in the following areas:

  1. Information Theory: The topics I am particularly interested are distribution learning and testing (kernel smoothing and Pearson-like tests), sampling, compression and communication complexity (Shannon information, Fisher information, rsync).
  2. New Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, grad-boost.
  3. Old Artificial Intelligence: lambda calculus, combinator logic, high-order computability.
  4. Partial Differential Equations: theoretical physics (optics, diffusion, functional optimisation) as an example of PDEs, solution methods, most of those as an application of the above. In particular I am interested in efficiently solving physical models for Projection Microlithography, from exposure to development.
  5. Software to host and solve all of the above: Emacs, Scheme, Linux, Matlab.
  6. Languages: Chinese in particular, and various learning tricks, substantive and idiosyncratic. I am horrible in it so far, though.
  7. Teaching and learning: all of the above. Naturally, I have spent a large part of my life connected to transmitting information to and from, people included.